10 Adult Things I Do Now

I’m 24 which is definite adult status in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of some of society. But I’m still young and very much figuring this stuff out as it goes. Every so often all of the adulting that I have to do creeps up on me and I get really overwhelmed and I’m dealing with that right now by writing a blog post about it in list form.

  1. Organising my finances
    Oh sweet baby jesus, this is the one getting to me the most right now. I just started a company and so I’ve had to open a new bank account and change a million and one direct debits and try to understand all the things that my account is telling me about banking, receipts, income and taxes… It hurts my brain a lot. Also, I’m moving house soon and need to give the estate agents bank statements to prove I can pay rent and migrating bank accounts makes that a whole lot more difficult than it should be.
  2. I’m going to have to hire a moving van
    Speaking of moving house, I’m going to have to hire a moving van. Why? Because I’m an adult who owns furniture and unlike the good old student days I can’t pack up all my stuff into the boot of my parents car. This for me is a definite adulting thing to check off.
  3. I own a feather duster
    Seriously, it’s the best way to get rid of dust. If you wipe surfaces with a cloth the dust just gathers in a corner but with a feather duster a whole new world of opportunity is opened to you. It’s like the magic wand of cleaning. Oh my god I’m so boring.
  4. I go to the doctors when things are wrong with me
    When you’re young you think you’re invincible. Now if anything is wrong with me I will go to the doctors and get it checked out just in case. You never know! I’m so committed to my health I once spent a Saturday (and it was Valentine’s Day – although I had no plans) in a walk in clinic to get this painful thing on my leg checked out. Good job I did – I needed antibiotics. Health is important, people and the NHS is bloody brilliant! (although one adult thing I don’t do and should is go to the dentist…)
  5. All the essentials are in my handbag
    It is official. I have turned into my mother. When you’re out and someone says “does anyone have some water?” or “has anyone got any tissues?” or whatever it may be, I am that person now who will always have what you need! The practical bag lady at your service!
  6. I own 2 umbrellas
    Gone are my immature days of buying, losing and breaking umbrellas willy-nilly! I’m an adult now and I own 2 umbrellas and I check the weather in the morning before I leave the house for the day because I am prepared af!
  7. I have to remember the birthdays of grandparents and other family members
    I have a very close family and always send cards for birthdays. When I was living at home my parents would remind me when it was a family member’s birthday and we’d all write our cards and send them out together. Easy. Not so much any more. I have to remember myself. And I buy booklets of stamps now. I’m such an adult.
  8. I pay for subscriptions
    Okay, I pay for one subscription. I still use my family’s Netflix account and Apple Music but hey if it’s there why pay for another? But I did get my own personal adult subscription to NowTV because I wanted to watch Girls and Game of Thrones legally. Ya know, because I’m an adult.
  9. I have a shared calendar with my family
    The Witton family are very busy and important. So we have a shared calendar where we add things that we’re doing together and to book out time for important events like holidays, graduations, weddings and bar mitzvah’s. My younger sister is graduating this year so we’re all adults now.
  10. I read non-fiction books
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love fiction but fiction was all I read as a non-adult. I actually could never understand why people would read non-fiction, I thought it was boring. But now I can’t get enough of it! In fact I think most of my TBR list is non-fiction. I love it so much! Give me more!

So that’s 10 things I do now that I’m an adult. Let me know in the comments what “adult” things you do!

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    1. My current wishlist contains a half-decent vacuum cleaner (Dyson’s the dream) and a sh*t-tonne of kitchen cleaner. #wherewasmypeterpan

  1. I don’t really think about ‘adulting’ anymore, it’s just done now. I suppose the most adult I’ve felt is planning to have children in the not too distant future- and not freaking out about the idea.
    It gets easier because you don’t realise your doing it I suppose!

  2. Owning another being (a cat), going to grad school while also working other jobs to pay for grad school, having to do a freakin budget, and of course, drinking because no one is perfect.

  3. Applying for jobs and going to job interviews, because im 18 so can’t rely on my parent’s to keep buying me all the nice ( and expensive ) things i want. They only buy what i need now, umless its my birthday or Christmas.

    I also learnt how to use the washing machine a few weeks ago, so thats a thing ?

  4. Hi Auntie Ann says now you are an adult you can send her one. It is 14 Jan She is in the garden with me. When are you moving? X

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  5. Oh geez, moving vans! I had to do that in March when I moved. I hired movers over a month in advance, was totally prepared… and the movers didn’t show up! So I had to replace them the day of my move, after I’d already picked up the van! *ugh* Fortunately, no one had checked it out after me so I got to keep it for the rest of the day without paying extra, but dang moving is hard enough without having the movers flake on you! They came with recommendations, too! So one of the things I do as an adult is always have a backup plan… just in case! Served me well that day. ; )

    I own 2 umbrellas as well. I keep one in my car, and one in the house so I always have one to walk to the car, or go from the car into any place I’m going while out and about. My dad thought that was really weird when I moved in with him a few years ago after he retired, so he swiped one of them. I went and bought another. He teased me about that for months. After he got stuck in his car by a sudden downpour for over a half hour when trying to go into a grocery store without an umbrella (because he’d left the one he took from me in his bedroom), he saw my wisdom and got a second one as well. Lol.

    In fact, I do almost everything on your list these days. (I call family, rather than have a family calendar.) Other adulting things I do:

    I have a regular bedtime I generally adhere to during the week so I don’t feel like crap in the morning.

    I plan meals for the week so I eat healthier and spend less $$ on food.

    I plan out my laundry to make sure I don’t run out of clothes, towels, etc during the week.

    I keep a list of all my bills to make sure I pay everything each month on time and I run through all my expenses each payday to make sure my money will last until the next payday. If I’m going to fall short for some reason, I know in advance to work overtime to make up the difference.

    I drink at least a liter of water each day (2 in the summertime) to make sure I’m staying hydrated, and so I know when I’m eating it’s because I’m hungry and not thirsty (it’s surprisingly easy to mistake the two). (You’re not as big as I am Hannah… I’m 5’6″ and overweight… so you probably wouldn’t need a whole liter each day. FYI.)

    I’m not as good at adulting now as I was before my health declined, but I still manage. Congrats on starting your own business!! I never had the energy for that, but I always wanted to do that myself. Best of luck with it!! I’m sure you’ll do great at it! 🙂

  6. Hi Hannah, we’re both brum alum! I studied English and I’m a UK expat living in China right now- so some of the super adult things I do involve VISAS and important documents. Also, being a 21 year old EFL teacher definitely means I sometimes feel out of my depth!

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