8 Things You Can Do To Distract Yourself From The Election

Yesterday, the UK held a snap General Election. Results came in last night and today we’ve been rolling/drinking/crying/cheering/screaming in the aftermath.

I have literally spent the whole day with BBC One on my telly watching repeats of news segments on the election. I can’t focus on anything else, I just love that CGI Parliament.

I need a distraction. So this blog post is for me mostly, to inspire me to stop re-reading and re-watching the same shit. But maybe you need it too. There is such thing as too much politics.

So here are 8 things you can do to distract yourself from the election!

1. Go to work
I’m writing this at 4:30pm so not sure how relevant it is but I kind of wish I had a “real” job today. I normally work at my kitchen table with my back to the telly but today I have been firmly planted on the sofa with the TV on constantly. And I’m on my own. Not ideal. Go to work!

2. Watch Orange is the New Black

3. Go out dancing
This is actually what I’m doing. Girls night out. Cocktails, gossip, music and dancing. Count me in!

4. Go on real estate websites and drool over properties you can’t afford
If I’m ever still awake at 3am scrolling through websites the odds are that it’s Zoopla or RightMove and I’ve clicked “sort by price, highest-lowest”. I wouldn’t recommend it for feeling good about your prospects of getting on the property ladder but if you’re into room porn and floor plans go wild!

5.  Donate blood
There’s appointments all the time all over the country. Go to and you can save lives. Do it.

6. Nap
Because like me you probably got very little sleep last night watching the election results come in.

7. Write a blog about how to distract yourself from the election in order to distract yourself
Nailed it

8. Stare at this picture of a kitten

How are you spending the post-Election Day? What do you think of the results? And are you going to distract yourself with any of my suggestions? I think I’m going to start OITNB Season 5!

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