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Hi there, I’m Hannah!


I am a 20-something northern girl living in London and slowly losing my accent. I make weekly YouTube videos about sex education, feminism and life stuff. I’ve been making videos since 2011 and it has been my full time job (whaaaaat?!) since 2015. I talk about things that are important to me and I want to spread positive messages about sex, relationships, body image, gender & sexuality. But I also like to have a laugh on my channel and I don’t take myself too seriously.

In 2017, I published my first book Doing It which is a young adult non-fiction book all about sex and relationships.

I produced and hosted the web series “Girl on Girl” where myself and a guest have a chat about different topics that women want to talk about but don’t necessarily get the chance to. I am also one of the co-hosts of the Banging Book Club podcast; myself, Leena Norms and Lucy Moon read a book about sex each month and talk about it!

My sex positive work has been recognised by MTV, Durex & Bodyform. In 2013 I was shortlisted for Young Person of the Year at the Sexual Health Awards in partnership with Brook and FPA. And in 2014 I was shortlisted for Best Vlog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

I studied history at the University of Birmingham with a particular focus on sexual history; my dissertation was about the history of sexology and sex manuals. My short film on the History of Homosexuality was a finalist in the Guardian and Oxford University Press’ Very Short Film Competition in 2013.

And most importantly, I am a Hufflepuff.



  1. My 18 year old daughter has just been through virtually the same thing at almost the same time. She was diagnosed with UC in 2013. She started having symptoms of a flare up in October and was gradually getting worse. She was admitted to hospital on the 10th of January, two days later she had a colonoscopy where they discovered her colon was severely ulcerated and inflamed, two days after that they realised her bowel had been perforated during the colonoscopy. She was taken to theatre for emergency surgery and came back with a stoma bag. She was on icu for two days with tubes coming from everywhere, including the one from her nose with the green gunk! She was discharged on the 6th February after being in hospital for four weeks. She’s still very weak and tired and needs to gain about 3 stone in weight, but she’s got her appetite back and is doing well on that front 😊 Wishing you a speedy recovery and thank you for being so brave sharing your story and photos

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