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Disposable Cameras Are Still Cool

Recently I went on holiday to Greece with my boyfriend and for a week I didn’t use my phone at all. As part of this “digital detox” I thought it would be a fun idea to take a disposable camera with us.

Now I’m 25 years old which means I grew up on film cameras. I know the anxiety of only having one chance to get the perfect photo. I know the excitement of going to a shop to get them developed. And I know the disappointment when you see the results.

My mum had a film camera we would use and for holidays/festivals I would get disposable cameras with my friends. But I don’t remember using one after I got my first smart phone when I was 20.

Since coming back from holiday I have become that person. That relative of yours who wants to sit you down and show you their slideshow of holiday snaps. And I am not ashamed.

Having physical photos from our trip is so much fun! But I also got digital versions so now dear readers I’m asking you to sit through my holiday snaps slide show. Please indulge me.

(please note that all the photos I’m showing you are just ones of me or landscapes. my boyfriend was with me on this trip but we’re keeping his identity private. thanks for understanding) 

This was the view from our Airbnb. SO beautiful!

Classic disposable camera finger shot.

In the most gorgeous blue water!

Another finger shot.

Me on some rocks after a hike.

More rocks.

Super flattering angle reading on the beach featuring bum bruise & “sunbeds for rent” sign.

A pair of massive tits and a woman in the water.

Octopus! Octopi!


And finally, our Airbnb was West facing so we got the most stunning sunset every evening.

Thanks for sitting through that. I just wanted to share my holiday snaps online because I love sharing (aka showing off about how great my holiday was).

I would highly recommend taking a disposable camera with you on your next trip!

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  1. I watch one of your youtube video recently, completely by chance/luck.
    I am hooked.
    You are such a woman… bloody pretty, bloody witty, bloody clever, bloody cool.
    I am envious of all the people that get to know you.
    Keep going.

  2. I’m going on holiday tomorrow and you just made me want to take a disposable camera with me. I think they always turn out better than the ones you can take with your phone. And you take your time taking the picture because you only have one take. So thank you for reminding me that disposable cameras are great!
    Love the holiday shots, they look as if you two had a lovely time!

  3. aw, they’re all so pretty and the captions are the best. I hope you had a fantastic trip. I remember going to camp every summer and getting disposable cameras, it was so much fun taking load of photos but then finding out only like half of them were actually decent.

  4. I enjoy it very much how despite fame you remain down-to-earth. Your problems seem very relatable and even though i am a lot younger than you, I can absolutely feel with you and your problems and have grown to consider you one of the most constructive (helpful but at the same time enjoyable) bloggers & Youtubers!

  5. all these photos are so cute!! you’re making me homesick for greece and i’ve never even been haha 🙂

    have a good summer hannah and hannah’s bf!!!


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