I Moved House!

Yesterday, I upped my status as an adult in the world and embarked on a brand new adventure. I moved house.

As you will know if you watched my Living in a Warehouse video, I used to live in a warehouse. I lived in a huge communal space with separate bedrooms and had eleven housemates. I lived in this lovely warehouse from October 2014 until yesterday. I was ready to move on from the warehouse style of living to something smaller, quieter and well, cleaner. Also, I HAVE WINDOWS IN MY BEDROOM NOW!

I live in a 3 bedroom flat with my friends Lauren and George and I love it. I am currently alone in the flat because the housemates are out and I’m sat on the sofa writing this with the England v Wales football game on in the background and I feel amazing. This feels right.

Yesterday, I hired a man with a van to drive all my stuff across London because I own furniture now. For ease, I didn’t unpack some of my drawers and so we just carried them full of stuff. As he was lifting my bedside table I said to him, “carry it this way so the door doesn’t fling open and my sex toys don’t fall out, that could be awkward”. Damn you, Hannah, you made it awkward just saying that! Sometimes I don’t think before I speak.

Despite that, this move has made me feel just a little bit more of an adult. So far I’m comfortable being in the flat on my own. In the warehouse it was very rare that you’d ever be the only person home so I was worried I’d get anxious or bored completely left by myself but I’m fine! I’m adulting!

One good thing about the warehouse was that it was all on the ground floor. My flat is on the top floor and then my bedroom is the top floor of the flat so carrying all those boxes up stairs got us very very sweaty. Had to sit outside on the roof for a bit just to cool down.


I am only in this new home for a few days before I go to Los Angeles for 2 and a half weeks for VidCon but I’m going to settle in as much as possible with the time I’ve got and then I can’t wait to properly get into a routine living here and hanging out with my new housemates! Here’s Lauren, you might know her:

Even though I’ve only been here a day I’ve already fully unpacked. I like getting it all done in one go so I can then relax. It took a while but my room looks like, well…my room. It feels homey and like I’ve been here for ages! Although, all my storage is at maximum capacity! No more buying stuff, Witton!

Thanks for all your tweets and messages during the move! When I posted a photo yesterday you all seemed just as excited as I am about having windows! Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I can’t wait for the next chapter of my life here in London.

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  1. Your room looks lovely, very cozy 🙂 I really love the shelf above the bed! And a big YAY for windows 😀

    Pro tip for moving things with drawers, full or not: tape them shut with painter’s tape/masking tape ^^

    Also, I’ve got a VERY important question: Where did you get that awesome Hogwarts bedspread? 😀

  2. Living on your own like this is a blast! Adulting is a blast! Good luck and have fun. I wasn’t able to make it to Vidcon this year, so I’m doing the next best thing and trying to get the cash to fly to Anaheim so I can stay for a few days on an artist break during vidcon weekend. Maybe I may get to meet you in person in one of the restaurants and coffee shops. You can’t miss me, I’ll be glued to my sketchpad and I’m handsome!

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