Looking for an Intern

Production Assistant Intern
1 day per week/2 half days per week
£80 per day

I’m looking for a energetic, hard-working and organised London based intern to work directly with myself on the “Hannah Witton” YouTube channel. You should be flexible, be able to work effectively under stress and to deadlines.

General Responsibilities:
– Managing the upload, scheduling, information input and tagging of videos
– Overseeing shoot set ups and pack downs
– General edits of channel videos
– Occasional audio editing (podcasts, etc)
– Sourcing music and managing usage rights
– Moderating comments/inbox requests
– Creating thumbnails
– Occasional administrational tasks/errands

Essential skills:
– Experience working with social media, online platforms and SEO
– Exceptional organisation skills
– A good knowledge of YouTube Playbook guidelines and the online video community
– General production skills (video, lighting, audio)
– Proficient knowledge of Final Cut Pro/other video editing software
– Basic knowledge of Photoshop/other photo editing software

Desirable skills:
– Good written and verbal communication skills
– A keen interest social justice issues
– Strong initiative

– GSCEs and A Levels or equivalent

Application deadline: 3rd November
Interviews: 14/15th November

How to Apply:
Send CV to james@tripleamedia.com and fill out this application form.

Good luck!


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  1. Good luck with your search! 🙂

    Reading this I found myself wondering do you need someone for just 8 hours a week (which can be worked in 1 day, or divided into 2 half days)? Or do you need someone for 16 hours each week (3 days a week divided into one full day and two half days)? I don’t know if the / is supposed to mean “and” or “or”. I guess if this is the way job ads are normally written over there, everyone will understand it immediately, but I was confused reading it.

    I also imagine (hope) you meant the pay would be:

    1 day per week/2 half days per week
    £80 per day / £40 per half day

    Clearly I’m not the assistant for you! Lol. I don’t deal well with ambiguity (or have any of those skills you’re looking for, nor do I live in London).

    Also, I don’t mean this comment as a criticism… I just found it funny that I read this ad and was confused by it. It must be obvious to everyone else, but I just don’t know which way you meant it. Lol

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