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My New Favourite Video Games

Video games have never been my thing. When I was a kid I never had a game console so I just didn’t get into them. Occasionally I would play when I was round at friend’s houses who had a PlayStation or Nintendo. I remember playing a Mario game where you jump into paintings that I really liked. I wasn’t bad at Fifa 2004 and I liked driving around and crashing into innocent pedestrians in GTA.

The Sims and Minesweeper were the only games I really remember being properly into. I am proud to say that I have completed Minesweeper on expert! Life achievement right there.

But I’ve never been a “gamer” and I definitely believed that it was a “boy thing” when I was growing up. Video games were a thing that sad lonely boys played all the time in their bedroom because they were bad at social interaction. Those were the messages I received and believed about people who played games.

Skip forward to 2017 and suddenly I have found myself in a relationship with a man who loves video games. Not something I expected. But what I’ve learned is that there’s so much variety in videos games that there’s a game out there for everyone. The people reading this who are into video games are like “duh, Hannah!”. Dan knows me very well, he also knows games very well so he know how to make a good match. So far every game he’s introduced me to I’ve loved and playing games has become a really great couple’s activity for us.

So without further ado… here’s a list of my new favourite video games! Oh and these are by no means “new” games, they’re just new to me.

1. Civilisation VI*

This game is by far my favourite and the one I am most addicted to. It’s an itch I need to scratch and I’ve wasted so much time playing it, it’s a problem you have to help me! In the game you are a Civilisation e.g. Rome, Egypt, France, China etc. and each civ has it’s own unique abilities. You start the game with one settler and one warrior and you have to build your cities, expand, maybe go to war, start a religion. I am obsessed with this game! And it’s the ideal game for me because it’s turn-based so I can take my time. I’m not good at games that require quick reactions.  Ah just writing this now makes me want to play!

2. Talisman* 

This is a fantasy board game and Dan & I play the digital version. We’ve thought about getting the actual physical board game but there’s so much maths involved it would take twice as long to play if you didn’t have the computer doing it all for you. I’m not really sure how to explain this game but it’s fantasy and you play as a character and you go around the board collecting things and fighting enemies and each other and there’s lots of different win conditions. It’s part skill but also part luck because it does involve some dice rolling. This was the first computer game Dan introduced me to. We were in Copenhagen and we played one game after another until 4am getting increasingly more drunk…

3. Divinity Original Sin 2*

I don’t like the name of this one, I think it’s stupid, but I love the game! Dan and I have just started playing this and I feel like it’s a loooooong game-play kind of game so I can’t say much about it right now. Again, it’s fantasy and you can play as a team. You’re some kind of magic people and you’re prisoners and you need to escape this island and find out secrets and fight people. It’s great. We’re currently playing as two dwarfs called Judeline and Lorean. Unfortunately, we can only play it when I’m at Dan’s and most of the time he’s at mine in London. I also love this game because even though there are fights, it’s still turn-based! Update: we’ve escaped the island now but there is so much more to do in this game!

4. League of Legends

I wasn’t sure whether to include this because I don’t actually play it and probably never will because it requires very quick reactions. But Dan loves League of Legends and throughout our relationship I have watched him watch it. At first I had no interest in understanding what the hell was going on but then he started to explain it to me. I still don’t understand most it but I can roughly follow a game now. When the analysts do all their talking before/after games I have no idea what they’re talking about. But I can enjoy watching it! Dan’s team are Misfits so I have adopted them as my team too. I feel like I’ve just dipped my toe into the world of eSports and it’s like Pandora’s box!

So there it is! My new favourite video games! If you didn’t know, sometimes when we are at Dan’s we stream on Twitch! Haven’t in a while but hopefully when we move in together it’ll become a more regular thing. I’ve also played XCOM II but I didn’t want to put that on the list because I’ve only played it once!

This is probably a very niche post and not many of my readers will enjoy it but hey! thanks if you made it until the end! I’d love to hear in the comments if you’ve played any of these games and what you think of them or if you have any recommendations for me!

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  1. Hannah, I have played a little bit of League and like you I found it a bit confusing so I stopped. But I am quite addicted to the Civ games, I play both on PC and mobile for when I’m on the go and can’t afford the time to get my PC up and running. As far as eSports go, there is a great big world out there for you to dip your toes into, even if you don’t play the game you may find you enjoy watching. Overwatch has a new franchised League starting in January with your local team being the London Spitfire, you may want to check them out.

  2. I like Civ. I play Civ 5. May get Civ 6 at Christmas during the steam sales.

    Like you I enjoy turn based games and ones where I can take my time and go at my own pace although I sometimes forget that Civ is turn based in the heat of battle and get frustrated at not being able to act.

    Looking forward to next time you and Dan stream.

  3. I love it! My worlds of Youtube and gaming are colliding!

    I’ve recently been really enjoying Overwatch. I encourage you to try it. There’s a large enough roster of characters that you’re bound to find something you like. And unlike most first person shooters that are varied shades of brown/grey and ‘gritty’, Overwatch is colourful and bright with a diverse range of characters of different backgrounds and nationalities. I encourage you to try it!

  4. Haha, Hannah, I feel like I’m reading about myself in your post. I’ve been exactly the same. I have never owned any kind of console and up and until two years ago, all I had played was the Sims and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It’s been somethign I’ve been weirdly proud of, as if I spent my time doing something “worthwile” while everyone else was just wasting their time infront of the computer.
    Well, since I’ve met my boyfriend, the exact same thing has happened to me that you described. We started playing Elder Scrolls Online together. And then Portal II. And Hearthstone. And now I like playing Skyrim and the Witcher III on my own.
    I loved reading your post and I am especially interested in the two-player games you metioned (new obsessions?).

    I think it’s healthy to be confronted with our own beliefs and convictions sometimes and realise that sometimes, we were just wrong 🙂

  5. Holy damn! some of those vg are my favs too; I specially play League a lot; if I could get into an EU server I would, but the lag would be unbearable to me. Glad to see that you are getting more into this hobby that so many of us truly enjoy :D. Don’t let the drama of the online community get to ya :3

  6. Niiiice! I am an owner of PS4 I spontaneously purchased last October (generally liked playing games when I was 9/10 and had PS2). Like you I wasn’t good at games that require quick reactions. Now, I’m starting to enjoy games that need me to react quickly. It’s all about practice and I find the thrill of acting quickly. I haven’t played in a short while and recently was determined to get back on the wagon! I encourage myself to try games I tend not to go for, such as shooting games because I’d never know if I enjoy it, or if I’m good at it until I try!

  7. it’s gonna interesting to see hannah made react video while playing game.

    So i recommend 5 title

    – Alien isolation or outlast
    – Darksouls series or Bloodborne
    – Horizon Dawn
    – Until Dawn
    – The last of us

  8. I’ve never played any of these games, but I’m glad you’ve discovered the joy of video games (thanks to Dan)! 🙂 I loved gaming when I was younger, but I don’t do video games very much these days, so when I do, I play the old games I knew and loved on Atari, Super NES, and Wii. Lol

  9. My dad plays Civ a lot. I also really like it. When I was young I used to play it while I was sick at home, I always chose a girl.

  10. Hahaa I loved reading this post because it is soo me! Met my boyfriend 4 yrs ago and the most “gaming” I had ever done was weird indie online games like Submachine.
    First we watched a lot of YT gaming together, but then I got a new laptop and with the installation of Steam – it began!

    Don’t Starve – TRY THIS GAME! It is third person, real time, but you still get ample reaction time and it is a very beautiful yet quirky game of exploration and base building. My all time fave and the reason I started gaming.

    Divinity Original Sin – I haven’t played much of the second one, but it would make sense for you to go back and play part one. And yes, both games are massive, I was always amazed when we reached a new area, since I always felt we were close to the end 😂

    X-Com II – definitely play more of this, you will get addicted and it will be enjoyable!

    Invisible Inc. – along the same strain as X-Com just less to do with aliens and more with spies. Once you’ve played through it a few times it’s also really enjoyable to play on silent while listening to a podcast.

    And for something completely different, The Long Dark. Post-apocalyptic Canada, where you have to traipse around in the snow, explore, try not to freeze and not to get eaten. I haven’t tried the story mode yet, but in Sandbox on “easy” mode the wolves aren’t aggressive to you (I find them terrifying) and that makes it a very soothing yet captivating game.

    That is all, I liked reading this post and enjoy further gaming! 🎮

  11. Seeing that you like Civ, there is a strategy games you might like. Hearts of Iron IV is a great one, especially if you enjoy history. Your channel is mainly focussed on sex and relationships, and the game Emily is away, and its sequel are amazing and I think would be very thought provoking for you to play on your channel. Anyway, just some suggestions.

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