Reflecting on my 2015 Resolutions

This year was the first year I’d ever really set myself serious resolutions and now is the time to see how well I’ve actually done. I just re-watched the video where I told the world my resolutions to remind myself of what I wanted to achieve this year. The fact that I needed reminding is probably a big spoiler for how well I’ve done…

So here we go…

1. The 50 Book Challenge

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d be able to do this one but I set it as a goal just to get me reading more and it worked! I’ve still got a couple weeks left of 2015 but so far I’ve read 32 books which I am so so proud of! You can follow me on Goodreads to keep up to date with what I’m reading. 50 books still seems impossible…

2. Use Duolingo every day

Hmmm whoops. I tried I really promise I tried. I had a calendar and would mark off each day when I did my French practice from January to April and I only missed a few days! But then I went to Japan and South Korea and I just forgot whilst travelling. I never really got back into it when I was home and I was travelling a lot for the rest of the year.

3. Do improv

I did this! At the beginning of the year I did an 8 week beginners improv course which was so much fun! Since then I’ve done the odd one-off workshop but with all the travelling I couldn’t do another long term course. Definitely want to keep this up!

4. Sort out my back problems

So I did get referred to physiotherapy and until I went travelling I did my exercises every day. I’ve also done the odd yoga/pilates class. But I would never stretch and get up and walk around whilst working. I also will lie on my bed or on the sofa for hours in the same position binge watching TV. My back, neck and shoulders still hurt so much! I’ve had massages which help release tension in the moment but they don’t really do anything long term. Not sure how to deal with this problem.

5. Visit two new countries

I did one better and went to three new countries this year! I went to Japan, South Korea and Canada! I also went to the U.S.A, the Netherlands and Germany but I’d been to those places before.

6. Make one video a week

Yes! Absolutely nailed this one! For the whole of 2015 I made at least one video a week and I am so proud of myself. I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

7. Visit one museum/gallery a month

I actually don’t know if I’ve managed this. I’ve been to lots of museums and art galleries this year but I’m not sure if I’ve done one a month. Should probably have kept track, Hannah. But I’ve been to the Wellcome Collection a bunch of times, British Museum, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Museum of Sex NYC, Sex Museum Amsterdam, Peace Museum Hiroshima and probably a couple more I’ve forgotten!

8. Launch Drunk Advice

DONE DONE DONE! I love Drunk Advice. You love Drunk Advice. It will obviously be continuing in 2016. I have had so much fun making this series and I’m so glad that it went down so well and that getting drunk is now kind of part of my job.

9. Host a meet up and learn from it

Way back in February I hosted my first ever meet up and it was so much fun! What I learnt from it was that I loved this style of event. Rather than a meet and greet it felt like I was hosting an event at a museum. So a few months later I hosted a second meet up at a cinema where we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone which was great! I loved that we could all nerd out together.


10. Write more

Look what I’m doing right now! Writing! I have loved keeping this blog this year. I’ve not been that regular with it and I’ve definitely just been finding my feet with the type of content I want to write on here but I’ve really enjoyed it and the response has been great.


Well 6/10 ain’t bad? But let’s be real it’s not about succeeding or failing and 12 months is a long time and priorities can change. But I’m really pleased with what I’ve done this year and being able to reflect on my resolutions has definitely put me in a good position for deciding what next year’s will be (video next week!).

How did you do with your resolutions/goals this year if you made any? Let me know in the comments. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Congrats Hannah! You kept up with so many of them! 😀 Can’t wait to see what this years ones your going to set …I think this post may have inspired me to try a lot harder on my news years resolutions I think im going to set myself this year.:) Happy christmas and best of wishes and good luck in the new year! 😀

  2. You’re right, priorities really can change. This is something that I struggled to accept because once I’ve set an aim for myself, I really want to reach it. But in rare cases, it’s actually okay to ditch a resolution. Merry Christmas!
    xx Carina

  3. Congratulations Hannah! Those are some great achievements this year! Here’s wishing you loads of success next year too! : )

    I don’t know how frequently you indeed on doing “Drunk Advice,” but if you plan on getting drunk more often than once a month, I would recommend you discuss these plans with your back doctor, as this activity could negatively impact your efforts to reduce your back pain.

    Take care, and have a happy New Year! : )

  4. Well, you might have not been able to do the Duolingo target, but has gotten me started.

    Duolingo (the website mainly) drew me in completely and I’ve got a 331 day streak going now and I completed my first assignment tree (Irish-Gaelic) a couple of days ago.

    It enabled me to meet a couple of awesome people on the forums, that have either helped me, or that I’ve been able to help.

    For that I feel I owe you quite a bit of gratitude, so thanks!

    If you still want to brush up on the French skill, you can also try to use the language in something you’re more passionate about. Maybe use it to read a book for the book goal, or go to a French speaking region and talk with the locals. There are also plenty of people out there who want to become language buddies/pen pals you can exchange letters, chat or skype with from behind that desk of yours.

    I hope you have loads of fun resolving your new resolutions. To a happy new year! Cheers 🙂

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