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So today I announced that I’m writing a book. And it’s about sex! And it’s called Doing It!

In the video (and thumbnail you see) I show off my collection of books about sex. So I thought I’d take you through them individually. Spoiler alert: I haven’t read them all.

The Birth of The Pill by Jonathan Eig
This was sent to me by Pan Macmillan and it has so far gone unread because it’s so huge! But I’m a big fan of the pun in the title. Also, I learnt a lot about the birth of the pill when studying the history of sexuality at university so I’m interested to see if this changes the way I feel about it. Especially, as I’ve recently come off the pill and making a new video series about it called The Hormone Diaries. 

Letters to my Fanny by Cherry Healey
Again, not going to lie, I haven’t read this yet but it smells so good. And yes I’m aware that I’m saying my fanny smells good. Fannies and books smell great.

The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler
This play was the second book we read for the Banging Book Club and I loved it! Definitely made me think differently about my relationship with my vagina. Also, it’s very funny.

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá
I bought this book because it was recommended by a viewer in the comments on a video about monogamy. Again this book is a big one and seems very academic so I’ve avoided it so far…whoops. But I was intrigued by it because of the apparent arguments it gives for monogamy not being “natural” for humans.

A Little Gay History by Richard B. Parkinson
This book is our July read for the Banging Book Club so if you want to join in discussions this month then get your hands on it! Don’t worry it’s a very small book and has lots of pictures. I really love this book because I studied the history of homosexuality at university and it’s just a really great summary but without taking away from the important themes.

Bonk by Mary Roach
Another Banging Book Club read! A great look at various different sexual experiments and research done over the past 100 years or so and their findings. There was a very disturbing chapter about farmers masturbating pigs because of the theory that a female orgasm makes them more likely to conceive. This book definite left me with more questions than answers.

The Sexual History of the Global South edited by Wieringa and Sívori 
This book was a Christmas present from my parents’ lodger who works at the University of Manchester. It’s an academic book of essays and I’m very excited about reading this because most of the sexual history I’ve learnt about so far has been about the UK and the USA.

Victorian Guide to Sex by Fern Riddell
This book was written by my friend’s friend. My friend thought it was right up my street and so got me a copy but I haven’t read it yet. There is a theme here. SORRY.

Ethics and Sex by Igor Primoratz
When I was at university there was a Philosophy module called “Sex and Ethics” but I couldn’t take the module because I was a history student. Gutted. Anyway, I asked my friend who took the module what the reading list was and this was the main text they studied. Again, haven’t read it yet. Whoops.

A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam
This book was on my To Be Read 2016 list and guess what! I haven’t read it yet. It’s been recommended to me a lot though and it’s about internet searches and what they tell us about people’s sexual relationships. Sounds amazing.   

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski 
I bought this after I saw Emily speak on a panel at the Women of the World Festival this year and thought she was wonderful. She signed my copy of the book and from what I gather it’s a more up to date version of Bonk.

The World of Sex by Henry Miller
I picked this up in a bookshop near Hampstead Heath one afternoon. I should really read it. It’s tiny. It’s old. I like learning about what people in the past thought about sex.

How to Think More About Sex by Alain De Botton
You’re probably thinking, Hannah, you don’t have to think more about sex! Well you’re wrong. I do need to, I’m writing a whole damn book about it remember!? This book was awesome and also very philosophical. It hurt my brain a bit.

Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction by Véronique Mottier 
I’ve not read this whole book – just dipped in and out of parts I needed when writing my dissertation. It is “very short” though so I should probably read the whole book soon.

And there’s all of my books about sex! Hopefully, I’ll get round to reading them all before I add any more to my collection but let’s be real we all know that probably won’t happen. Anyway, I need to be spending my time writing instead of reading now! I hope you guys are as excited about Doing It as I am! Thanks for all your kind comments on the announcement video and Twitter – it means so much to me that you’re looking forward to reading my book!


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  1. Thanks for the great recommendations, as usual. : )
    And congrats on your own book! Surely it will be added to other people’s future rec piles as well!
    And loving the new blog/website layout.

  2. you should check out “action: a book about sex” by amy rose spiegel! I’m currently reading it and it is very entertaining. It’s less about the history of sex, but how to handle sexual relationships in the modern world (with lots of funny anecdotes throughout).

  3. Thanks! Just what I was looking for 🙂
    Hope you’re having fun writing! Can’t wait to see (and read) the end product. April 2017!

  4. Come As You Are by Emily Nagowski is SO worth reading. Where Boink skims the surface of the history of sex-related science, Come As You Are drops a solid dose of *current* science, especially as it pertains to how sexuality works for people with vaginas. Much more practically applicable information!

  5. Great post! Really happy to see that you have read one of Mary Roach’s books. I recently heard her speak at a promotional event for her next town, and I can confirm she is just as hilarious and blunt in person. So excited for your book, congratulations!

  6. Reading this in 2017 so I am wondering if you’ve read them by now..? Particularly interested in Henry Miller’s book, how is it?
    If you haven’t, you should read My Secret Garden, by Nancy Friday, the most straightforward book about women’s sexual fantasies there will ever be. Also, congrats on your book, it’s definately on my To-read list this year 🙂

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