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Sex Toy Christmas Gifts

What says love more than getting someone a sex toy for Christmas?

Most of my friends own just one sex toy and it was probably me who gave it to them. I get sent a lot of sex toys. My bedside table is a little cupboard full of sexy things! Subsequently, I have a sex toy storage problem, hence my friends getting any extras (unused of course)!

Anyway, I thought I would take the opportunity in this pre-Christmas season to give you some recommendations for Christmas shopping!

So without further ado here’s your Sex Toy Christmas Gifts Guide!

Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
Price: £10+
Recommended for: sex toy newbie, someone with a vulva

If you’re buying for someone who is new to sex toys and you want to ease them in then this is such a great toy. Even with lots of other fancy toys, I always end up coming back to a simple little bullet vibrator. They’re small and brightly coloured so not intimidating at all but very powerful!

My favourite things about this little bullet in particular though is that 1) it’s rechargeable. No more having to pay for new batteries all the time! And 2) it comes with its own little bag. This is really handy for travel but also for storage and if you’re like me with a collection it’s a struggle storing toys separately and safely. Bullet vibrators are used externally on the clitoris but it can be and I would recommend to also use it on thighs, labia and area surrounding the vulva too.

Magic Wand Vibrator
Price: £20+
Recommended for: anyone in need of a new best friend

Now this one is a classic and I regret to say I’ve never tried one. I don’t have the storage space! But I have heard incredible things and it is top of my wish list when I move. The magic wand is so powerful it needs to be plugged into the mains, that sounds intense! So, no batteries and no recharging but you will have to deal with a wire.

It’s so big but don’t be put off, it’s not for inserting (unless you’re into that but check it’s safe first). This toy can be used for external stimulation of the clitoris but because it’s so big it can be used as a body massager too so great for couple time!

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Luxury Male Masturbator
Price: £60+
Recommended for: anyone with a penis

I have recently learned about the company TENGA and it has unleashed a whole new world of sex toys to me. They specialise in male masturbation toys and boy do they do it well. This one I like to call “the obstacle course” because the inside of it has so many different textures and parts to it, it’s like the penis is going on an adventure. Obviously I don’t have a penis but the reviews I’ve heard have been overwhelmingly positive. One friend called this toy his “new boyfriend”.

You add lube to the inside and afterwards you wash it with water and prop it up open to air dry. So easy to use. TENGA are also releasing a new version of this which vibrates and I’ve been able to get one early. I don’t know what to say without giving away too much detail about my sex life but all I’ll say is that if you have a partner with a penis, GET THEM THIS TOY.

If you think the person you’re buying for will need a bit more of a gentle ease into male masturbation toys then I would highly recommend the TENGA eggs. They’re disposable and you get a pack of 6. Just the novelty is worth it.

Satisfyer Pro 2
Price: £60+
Recommended for: someone looking for something new and different

This is one I’ve wanted for ages and the kind people at Lovehoney sent me one in return for a honest review. The idea is that it creates a suction around your clitoris, so it isn’t being touched directly but oh boy is it strong. I’m not entirely sure what the motor is controlling on the inside but imagine a very small, very powerful, very fast tongue. The handle is ideal for ease of use and it’s great for those lazy masturbation sessions because you just place the toy around your clit and just hold it in place and let it do its thing! The most you have to do is change the speed if you desire… And the white silicone bit just pops off so it’s super easy to clean!

Sex Swing
Price: £30+
Recommended for: couples

Again, this is another one that is a must-have for the new flat when we move in next year. I’ve never tried one for the obvious reason of storage but also because my current bedroom door doesn’t shut properly and it has to be hooked behind a door for support. If you’re interested in getting a sex swing I would highly recommend watching Dr. Lindsey Doe’s video to give you tips on how to use it and inspiration for positions.

So there you have it! I hope that this list has inspired you and your loved ones will be getting some special gifts this Christmas! Also, Lovehoney have kindly offered to give my readers 20% off any of these products! Just use my link to access the deal. If any of the other products on Lovehoney website take your fancy you can use this link to get 15% off!

Ho ho ho!

Links featured are affiliate links which means I get a small cut of any purchases made through them.

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