Fame and Babies – Summer in the City 2016

What a weekend. I’ve still not recovered. The Monday after SitC I felt awful, I didn’t even drink the night before and I felt like I had a hangover all day. A SitC hangover. Not fun.


But despite the consequences I had an amazing weekend! Last year I wrote a blog about my experience at SitC so I thought it was only right that I do the same again this year. To document my journey and how things have changed a year on.

This year was noticeably different to last. Re-reading last year’s blog about Summer in the City really demonstrated to me how much has changed in 12 months. This is going to sound weird and potentially quite douchey but please bare with me: last weekend was the first time I really felt “famous”.

It’s hard to quantify fame but this is what felt different to me:

  • I was on a mainstage panel and I performed on the mainstage with the Banging Book Club. That was new.
  • I did an official meet and greet with Hazel, Dan & Sammy – never done one of those at SitC before.
  • Normally I go to SitC thinking ‘yay I get to see my friends for a whole weekend!’ but my schedule was so busy I barely saw anyone.
  • Last year when I tweeted saying I’d be at the SitC merch stand a line of people would show up and I would leave after the line was finished. This year, I had my own merch table and the line never went down – it always had to get cut off before I had to run off to my next thing. I’m really sorry if you got cut off!
  • I didn’t walk around the expo hall once.  I wanted to see the craft tables and get a TenEighty Magazine and go on the fairground rides. But it just wasn’t possible for me this year.

IMG_1260 IMG_1272  IMG_1292

And then on Monday after SitC I was walking down Oxford Street on my way to Rosianna’s birthday drinks and it was like I was a normal person again. My dad calls YouTube fame “niche famous” – when you’re in a certain environment you’re a celebrity but then out in the real world no-one gives a toss about who you are, and I like that.

Another amazing thing that happened at SitC this year is that I became best friends with a baby. I met Adanna and David and their baby boy, Kian, at the Friday night party and they let me hold him and I wouldn’t put him down. My friends who saw me with the baby were so shocked. I guess it doesn’t really go with my “brand”. People don’t expect someone who likes sex to also like babies. But guess what! I love babies!

I’d even recently been saying to close friends that I was getting really bad cravings for holding a baby. I just needed to hold one for a good half hour and then I’d be good for another 2 years. I needed my baby fix. For me, holding a baby is a form of contraception – it stops me from having any urges to have a baby of my own. But yeah, lesson learnt from SitC 2016 – Hannah Witton loves babies.

IMG_1263 IMG_1264

I had such a great time at SitC this year. Thank you so much to the organisers! And thanks to everyone who came to say hello, give hugs and take selfies! It really means so much to me and it was so cool hearing how excited you guys are for my book and The Hormone Diaries!

Did you go to SitC this year? What was your highlight? Let me know in the comments!

I know SitC ended days ago now but I think I need another nap…



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  1. It was my first time at SITC this year, and instead of being an audience member, I was a volunteer! It’s was very hard work, but I can completely see what you mean about the “fame” aspect of the event. SITC was not what I expected – it was a lot bigger, and though I knew you were all very well know , I didn’t know earliest quite how much that meant in real life – I had to do a lot f queue cutting(sorry guys!). It was a great weekend, though, and I luckily managed to catch snippets of #BBClubLive as I was in the hall helping with queues for meets and greets at the time, and may I say it was fantastic!

  2. I came to SiTC from Spain with two other friends and it was so much fun,we got to be in front row at the collaboration panel and I got to meet you at your merch table.I was a bit nervous but you were so lovely and I couldn’t believe I got to meet you.If I can save enough money next year we’re going again

  3. SiTC never falls on the right weekend for me. My birthday is at the end of July so I always plan a trip over my birthday weekend and so I never have any money in August to do things like this. One year I will have to make a point of going although you and Rosianna are the only British Youtubers I watch on a regular basis so I might not know anyone lol.

  4. Gotta admit Hannah, this is so thoughtfully put and you’ve said it as it is and explained it. It makes total sense and although it’s changed, I hope that you were still able to enjoy it! Thank you so much for documenting your experiences! 😀

  5. I hope that despite how busy it was, you don’t feel like you missed out on anything and that next year you can figure out another balance so you can do everything. 😀

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