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The 5 Year Plan

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. I love making plans. So here’s my 5 year plan.

In my Myers-Briggs personality test one of the categories is if you’re intuitive (N) or sensing (S). Ns are big picture-orientated, they look for meaning. Ss are more detail-orientated, they look for facts. This is the most general way I know of explaining it. Anyway, I am a massive N! Big picture, grand plans, over-arching ideas but without the foggiest idea of how to follow through. Every N needs an S on their team and vise versa.

There are lots of reasons why I love making plans but flexibility is still important.  Small plans are great for time management, being productive and completing tasks. But alas, we are not talking about small plans! The 5 year plan is a big one! The point of a 5 year plan is not to stick to it rigorously or measure yourself against a list you wrote years ago. No no no. Despite it seeming like a future orientated exercise, making a 5 year plan is all about the present.

Right now. Think about yourself right now. Where are you? What are you priorities? Where do you want to be? What actions are you taking right now in order to get there? And that’s the crux of it. For me creating a 5 year plan is really thinking what are my priorities right now. If I want to achieve a certain goal in 5 years time what do I have to do in order to get there? What should be my goal for the end of the year? What’s my goal for the end of the month? Create a big plan and work backwards. And the beauty of it is that you can change a plan.

I made my plan recently on a flight to Toronto with my friend Lucy. In the midst of a career crisis she told me to write down my 1, 5 and 10 year plans. And so I did.

Hannah’s 5 Year Plan (created 27/09/17)

  • Publish 2nd book
  • Get masters
  • Write 3rd book? (post-masters/fiction?)
  • Launch stationary line
  • TV (presenting/docs)
  • Sex Ed curriculum/government
  • More Twitch livestreams
  • Have 1 permanent staff

There you have it. It’s short and it’s vague but for the big plans that’s kind of the best way for them to be. Because now I can work backwards. Now is the time to get my priorities in order and create a more detailed plan in order to make the big plan a reality. At the same time something could happen that shakes up my whole world and I ditch the whole plan and start from scratch. It’s important to make plans so that in your day to day life you don’t feel directionless, having an end goal can help give you a purpose. But flexibility and not being married to your plan will help you make the most out of it.

So maybe you’ll see a stationary line from me in the future, maybe you won’t. Wait and see! I’d love to hear your thoughts on making big plans (career or personal focused) – do you do it or not? And what’s in your plan? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Hannah! This year I’m finishing my degree so, it’s the moment for me to make some kind of 5 year plan. I’m just like you according to personality so I think this afternoon I will think about writing down a plan.

    Thank u for your posts, I love them

  2. This is a wonderful idea! I’m about to finish my final year of high school with only two exams left and am already accepted into my first choice uni next year so there is a lot of change coming my way. This is a brilliant little idea I think I shall start writing now so I can see what kind of person I want to be in 5 years time and where I want to be at and work on the me now to get there. All the best with your plans babe!
    P.S. I am a huge sucker for stationary and would definitely buy any you plan to make (Especially if they’re sex orientated as I like making people have double takes haha) xx

  3. From one Hannah to another – thank you! I started my MA a few months ago, but am still stuck when people ask me what I’m doing when I finished. You’ve inspired me to write down all my goals and organise them to see what I am capable of achieving first and what I need to worker harder at.

    I also love that you have all these things you’re interested in and you’re not looking at just one singular path you feel like you have to go down.


  4. Haha seeing the title made me think of history and Stalin in particular, but as well as the thought diverting title, it was a great blog post overall.

  5. This is *actually* a really good idea. Usually when I think of a 5 year plan I’m like “pfft I cant!” but I like how it’s a plan for the now. I may really do some soul searching this weekend.

  6. Madame Witton, vous êtes tellement Hufflepuff.

    I believe this method is a really good fit to Puff people. Having long term objectives and the patience to get there, not being affraid of going through the hard toil needed.

    At least it is a good fit for me, since I do the same. Although I’m not sure how well planning would do for Griffindors and the rest …..

    Have a nice day,
    A fellow Puff.

  7. I’m an INTJ and I’ve always taught my clients (I used to be a life coach for aspiring business owners) to identify their goals and base their plans on their goals. This is because it’s much easier to come up with a plan when you have some form of reference. I suggest breaking down your plan into action steps when coming up with it. Come up with what you have to do monthly and divide that by four. That’s your weekly goal. Then divide that by seven. That’s your daily goal for that thing.

    As far as my goals, here they are.

    The Rest of 2017 –

    1. Average $400.00 in profits per week every month selling caricature carvings.
    2. Complete all of the backgrounds for my first major string puppet video on VidMe (as a VidMe exclusive)
    3. Upload 3 more Phantasm poem videos to my VidMe channel before the start of 2018
    4. Raise at least $100.00 for my gofundmecampaign to go to the Puppets in Prague workshop in June of 2018
    5. Buy my 2018 VidCon ticket before the Holidays
    6. Get back in touch with my business mentors and get back on track in the online retail business I started at age 18 that my narc abusers took me off of

    2018 –

    1. Hit my goal of $2100 for my GoFundMe campaign before late March
    2. Book back-to-back flights for Vidcon and Prague so I can go from LAX to Prague after Vidcon weekend
    3. Complete my system of string puppetry and begin making routine string puppet videos for my VidMe channel and tutorials for my string puppetry youtube channel
    4. Carve and assemble 1 fine arts string puppet every week to sell in my etsy shop
    5. Register for Spring 2019 classes at Academy of Art University
    6. Re-enroll in my Kung Fu Kwoon and make the next sash rank

    2019 –

    1. Relocate myself and my businesses to San Francisco California
    2.Attend Academy of Art University and maintain a 3.4 average by the end of the year
    4. Have at least 200 followers on VidMe and make ad revenue off of my videos
    5. Fully relocate from Etsy to my own official website and its unique design idea
    6. Make at least $8000.00 per month from my online retail business.
    7. Begin training at San Francisco Circus Center in Mongolian Contortion with my coach, Katie Brier and re-acquire full body flexibility.

    That’s it for now. I learned from experience that I should only do goals of up to 2-years at a time.

    1. Update: Just as I finished submitting this, I found that my GoFundMe page for the Puppets in Prague Workshop in 2018 raised $50. I may have to change the goal to $200.00

  8. Hey Hannah 🙂

    Career wise, my 5 year plan is to move to Vancouver (currently living in Montreal) to do my Masters and then begin teaching.
    Personal-life wise, I REALLY want to visit London sometime in the next 5 years, and also learn more about my faith.

    I’m looking forward to see how our plans change/evolve/become better than we could have imagined in the next 5 years!

  9. The best job interview I ever had, the interviewer asked me to go home, write a career plan, identify what I needed to achieve it, and send it to him. I got the job, but more importantly I have referred back to that plan all through my early 20s while trying to work out what the heck to do with my life. 5 years on, and a slightly roundabout route, I am already where I thought I might be in 20 years. Big picture plans are the best.

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