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I had the best day last weekend. Last Saturday was so good I couldn’t stop telling my friends about how good it was and now I want to tell you. Seriously, it was such a great day.

First of all I wasn’t drinking any alcohol (unlike this week, I’m currently writing this from bed with a banging headache) and so I woke up on Saturday morning naturally at 8:15am. I know! Since I was up I decided to go to Parkrun which is a 5k at 9am every Saturday morning in parks all over the country. So I ran a 5k. Standard. I then showered, had breakfast and sat down to write last week’s blog post about Playlist Live. Productivity! I then went to the Post Office to send off the postcards I write for some Patrons (if you would like a postcard from me – other rewards are available – then check out my Patreon page!). I didn’t realise that the Post Office closes at 12:30 on a Saturday but luck was on my side and I arrived at the Post Office at 12:20. Can you not see how great this day was yet?

In the afternoon I was meeting my friend Dan for lunch who I hadn’t seen in over a year. Instead of getting public transport I walked because it was a lovely day and I had time. So I walked for 30 minutes through north London in the sunshine listening to Fickle Friends and singing along out loud not caring who heard me. Amazing feeling. Also, I could see Alexandra Palace on my walk! Such a great view.

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Dan and I had lunch at this cute cafe surrounded by yummy mummies and it was so great to catch up. I mentioned that I could see Ally Pally on my walk over and he suggested that we walk up to it and so we did and the view of London from up there is incredible! I didn’t take any pictures but you can either google it or believe me. So we just lay on the grass in the sun for hours just watching planes go by and making weird shapes out of clouds and it was so peaceful. I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time. Neither of us were thinking about work or worrying about getting somewhere afterwards on time, we were just fully in that moment and it felt so good. We even got ice-cream. I love ice-cream.


Dan and I parted ways in the late afternoon and turns out one of my friends from uni was in town and she was hanging out with another friend in central London. They told me to meet them at St. Paul’s so I got the tube but when I arrived they said they were at a pub on the other side of the river near Blackfriars. But I didn’t mind because it meant that I had to walk across Millennium Bridge (the one the Death Eaters destroy in Harry Potter) and London just looked stunning!


I hung out with and caught up with the girls for a bit and then I was meeting another friend for dinner at Yo Sushi on southbank. So I walked along southbank and I was just feeling so so happy. Ate some sushi and then we walked into Soho where we went to this little place that does amazing crΓͺpes and is open late (it’s called Snowflake). And then I went home, was in bed by 11:30pm and watched a couple episodes of Kimmy Schmidt before going to sleep. Amazing.

This may sound like a really boring day to you but I just loved it so much. I loved the people I hung out with, the weather, the views of London but most of all I loved how relaxed and happy I felt throughout the whole day. I’m not sure how to describe it but it felt like I was glowing from within. I loved this day so much that I even wrote about it in my diary. That’s a big deal!

Have you had any days like this where you’ve been able to just enjoy the moment that you’re living in? I want to hear about your best days in the comments!

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  1. Awww this sounds like such a good day and I’ve realised I must live fairly near you so will be on the lookout for more suggestions of lovely places to visit πŸ™‚

  2. I know exactly the feeling you mean. Those days seem to be getting rarer the older I get, but at least they’re more enjoyable when they do eventually show up! So glad you had a perfect day πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Hannah Did you write “standard” as a reference to Standard? I really enjoyed that blog and it made me feel good. I used to often have days like that before my knee hurt so much. Lots of love Judy xxx

  4. Oh my god!!! I feel so relatable, I don’t need BIG events to be happy, what I need are those days, were you meet with people you love, and have a good time with them, there is no worry, good weather, productivity on the mornings, and ice cream. HELL YEAH! You just described my perfect saturday.

  5. Reading this just made my day even better! Just catching up on your blog Hannah and it’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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