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As you probably know I went to the USA recently with Trek America on their #iTrekHere blogger trip. You read about it here. Or watch my travel vlog! PLUG PLUG PLUG.

Now I have never been much of an outdoors person. I’m a born and raised city girl. Chose to go to university in the second biggest city in my country and now currently live in the capital city. I like cities. The countryside is boring. I’ve also never been that good with getting my hands dirty. My mum likes to remind me of this story when I was three years old and I had new wellies. We went for a walk but I refused to get out of the pram because I didn’t want to get the bottoms of my wellies dirty. The bottom of my wellies. So that was me.

I’ve definitely gotten better since and I’ve learnt to appreciate breaks from the city. You can actually BREATHE! You don’t notice it when you’ve been in London so long but as soon as you leave and the fresh air hits you, you realise that you have not been breathing correctly for months! And recently I’ve actually enjoyed going on walks with my family! Who knew?!

So although I was very happy and very comfortable going hiking in some of America’s most beautiful national parks I wasn’t prepared for how much I would enjoy it. I’m serious. I love hiking. I love camping. I love the outside. I love scenery. I love nature. I love beautiful views (oh god I sound like my mother). One of the reasons I was really sad about coming home was because I wouldn’t be going on awesome hikes everyday. But hey, I’m a strong believer in not giving up on the things you love. And when you find something you enjoy doing, keep doing it! Sure I won’t be able to do it everyday but I can still find ways to get out into the open air.

So I joined a London hiking group! (What have I become..?) And a couple weeks ago I went on one of their organised hikes in West Sussex. We got the train early on a Saturday morning, arrived in the countryside and started walking. It was a pretty big group and I’d just turned up on my own, but what I soon discovered was that pretty much everyone else had come on their own and we all became friends fairly quickly. I mean it’s no Grand Canyon but I certainly needed it.



Look English countryside! I could be anywhere in England really, it all looks the same.







There were ducks. Naturally I had to duck face with them.



Funky tree.



I can’t remember what this was called but basically it’s a pointless castle. It was built as a tester to see what the architect could do before building an actual big castle. Unfortunately, the architect died after he finished this one. Oh dear.



For some reason I found this hilarious.



Arundel castle!


We walked in on choir practice at Arundel Cathedral. One of the only Catholic Cathedrals in the UK (Henry VIII got rid of them all because Reformation/Church of England/he wanted a divorce – HISTORY LESSON!)


I was very excited about the fact that we were in Arundel. It sounded like ‘Arendelle’ to me which if you didn’t know is the fictional kingdom in Frozen.

I will definitely be going on more day breaks like this one.

Let me know in comments if you prefer the countryside or the city!

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  1. I much prefer the country side, I tried living in London for nine months but I couldn’t stand it. Thankfully since I’ve been home I’ve taken advantage of where I lived and gone out hiking on our local moorland.

  2. It’s so awesome that you’re trying something new Hannah! I’m also a city girl (stuck in the suburbs at the moment) but whenever I go out into the country there definitely is a different air. It’s fresher and you really do feel like you’re breathing differently. It’s amazing.


  3. i’ve always found it funny how city people are afraid of dirt and such, i’ve always thought of cities as very dirty and gross and the countryside as the clean part. dirt ain’t dirty, yall! i have shit joints so walking isn’t very much fun for me but i bike a lot and i recently got my hands on a road bike, so i’ve been doing longer routes and even exploring the highways some, it’s lotsa fun

  4. Hi Will you be coming camping with Standard and me again? You can sleep in your own tent!!!! Love Judy xxx

  5. That looks lovely – it makes me think I should get out of London more! By the way, the folly is called Hiorne Tower – named after the unfortunate architect, unusually!

  6. Haha, I love the pointless castle, that’s hilarious! I grew up on the countryside and whenever I get back there, it just feels like home. I think being out there and enjoying nature is important for our health and sanity, but I like cities, too!

  7. Hi Hannah,

    Ive been living in Whistler in BC Canada for the last year and have loved all of the hikes available here in the mountains.

    Im moving back home to East London in september so was hoping you could recommend a hiking group or let me know what the particular one you used is.

    Many thanks!


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