The Truth Behind My Instagram Photos

We all know Instagram lies. We all know the vicious cycle we can get down when endlessly scrolling through our feeds feeling like our lives aren’t as fun or sexy.

I love Instagram. Pictures are fun and I like documenting my life and having something to look back on. I’m also absolutely not a photographer but the app makes me feel like one. But there’s definitely a dark side to it.

My friend Theo recently made a video going into the stories behind her Instagram photos to prove that you really shouldn’t compare your life to what you see on insta.

I was inspired so here I am doing the same.

1. Pretty Amsterdam picture
Basically my boyfriend got bored and tired of taking photos for me. We took loads on two different bridges and the one I went with was the first picture he took. He wasn’t best pleased.

Amsterdam is 👌🏼

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2. Gorgeous faces, white teeth
Riyadh taught me how to use the app Facetune after taking this picture hence why all our skin looks so smooth and our teeth and eyes look so white. FAKE NEWS.

Dinner party vibes 🍷

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3. Getting old
It was the eve of my 25th birthday and I was drinking a mocktail (non-alcoholic).

Happy Birthday to me 🎈🍸

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4. Secret relationship
The first evidence of my boyfriend on the internet before I told the internet I had a boyfriend.


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5. Fake happiness
I love this woman but I was miserable when this photo was taken. I was in Toronto, Canada at Buffer Festival having dinner with people I love at a fancy restaurant and I felt like absolute shit and I didn’t know why. It was a rough few days emotionally.

This woman has kept me sane all weekend ❤️

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So there you go, just a few of the truths behind my Instagram. Don’t believe everything you see! Question everything! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments on how you feel about Instagram/social media in general and how we edit our lives to make them seem more exciting to people watching. Do you think about this a lot? Do you enjoy a long mind-numbing scroll? Do you tamper with reality a little in your pictures?

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  1. This is something I’ve been thinking about recently…I write a blog, and I like it to be a happy place, but really…sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Therefore, I’ve been trying to make it a real place, more than a happy one. I’ve been trying not to hide the pictures where I think I don’t look flatered, and all that jazz. We need to be aware that what we see is really filtered!


  2. It irritates me when I’m with someone and I have to spend 20+ minutes taking pictures of/with them. Take 2 pictures maximum and move on. People are too worried about getting the best picture to put up on different platforms.

  3. I enjoy a good picture, but I can’t say I spend too much time trying to get it. Then again, I don’t have an online persona, so I probably think about it even less than some. Either way, it is a good lesson in online jealousy.

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