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Hey guys! So if you’ve been following me on any of my social media you’ll know that I just spent the last 5 days in Las Vegas. It was a trip paid for by Pot Noodle as part of their #YouCanMakeIt campaign. The winner of the competition, Bianca, was there to show off her invention, The Kettle Kup, at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). And I was there to vlog the whole Vegas experience and do an interview with Bianca.

I left Vegas today and I’m now in LA for a couple days just seeing friends and I thought I would take this time to tell you about Vegas. Las Vegas is a very strange place. I went once before in May as part of the Trek America trip but we only spent one night at the beginning of our trip there and one night at the end so I hadn’t experienced much of Vegas. This time round though we were in the city for 5 whole days. That might just be too much Vegas for one girl. I am so hungover right now it’s unbelievable. And I’m so tired I want to sleep but it’s only 6:30pm when I’m writing this.

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First of all, let’s talk about gambling. I may or may not have gotten addicted to Black Jack. Black Jack is my game. I love Black Jack. After playing for a while and having other players around the table take pity on me and help me out I started to get the hang of it and learnt a few of the tipsย from “the book”. Because the trip was paid for I was willing to blow some money on gambling which I did on my final night. Before that I’d actually won money! One of the nights I spent about 3 hours on a Black Jack table having only put down $20. I was very impressed with myself for lasting that long (that’s what she said!). Our group were also given a lesson in Craps. Yes Craps. I didn’t realise this was a name of a game but it’s the one with the dice that Monica and Chandler play in Friends. Craps looks complicated but we all managed to get the hang of the basics and it’s a really fun game but I still lost money on it. Classic Craps. I really enjoyed all the gambling, I started having Black Jack dreams I was that obsessed. I just need to make sure I don’t bring that habit home with me.

My own hotel room

I realised on this trip that I’ve never stayed in a hotel room on my own for more than one night and now I’ve stayed in my own hotel room for 5 nights! I was a bit worried that I’d get lonely and need to be around people all the time but that wasn’t the case. The down time in my room was much needed after busy days and busy nights. Also, I had a king size double bed to myself which was glorious – I have no idea how I’m going to go back to a standard double. I’ve tasted luxury now! I keep playing with the idea in my head of living on my own so I was kind of using that as a test run. I think it would be very different though… Except for the solo dance parties. They would stay.

Checked into the hotel and already my clothes are everywhere! Also, my hair is SO long! ๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿผ

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I only went to one day of CES but it was insane. And I thought VidCon was a big convention… oh no oh no. CES is the mother of all conventions. The exhibits were enormous and there was so much stuff that there was no way you could get through it all even if you attended the whole event. I’ve never really considered myself a tech person because I’ve studied humanities but I very much work in tech with cameras, editing software, YouTube, social media etc. I was genuinely excited by everything – tech is so cool! Although, I did learn that virtual reality makes me feel nauseous.

The Night Before the Morning After

The partying was intense. And the hangovers were maybe even more intense. There was a lot of drinking and a lot of dancing. We did some bar crawls which were really fun because it meant we didn’t have to organise anything and could just have a good time! Also, when you’re gambling waitresses come round and give you free drinks which just makes the whole experience even more lethal. To be honest I didn’t really like the clubs. They were too big, too busy, played generic club music and had no character. I much preferred the bars and the casinos. Mimosas at breakfast saved me.

Vegas is taking its toll on me ๐Ÿ˜ถ

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All in all I had an amazing time in Vegas. It’s a very strange place but you just have to embrace it and commit to it like how Vegas commits to its tackiness, its eccentricity, its gimmicks and its alcohol. I wonder if I’ll ever return…

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  1. So you wouldn’t stay there any longer than 5 days then? Haha.
    I’m going over to San Fran for the summer so we’re planning on visiting! Anything you would say you definitely have to do there?

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