What really happens when we film Drunk Advice

So here’s the thing. I usually have on average 40 minutes of footage to work with when editing an episode of Drunk Advice. And each episode is under 10 minutes. So there’s a lot that you don’t see. So I thought it was only kind that I let you into my world and tell you about what really happens when we film Drunk Advice. But I’ll just tell you a little bit, I still need some secrets.

First of all, we are usually already drunk before the camera even starts rolling. This is due to having a few drinks whilst filming a video we do for the other person’s channel or just it is required for the social occasion of hanging out. Once we feel tiddly, then it’s time to film! Stupidly, I don’t set up the camera, lights and mic when I’m sober so all that is also done a few drinks in. So far no-one has been horribly out of focus and we’ve remembered to turn the mic on! So far.

I know what you want to ask: what happens in all the footage you don’t see? Well… to be honest everything and nothing. Most of the footage is us just drunkenly scrolling through our twitter feeds in silence trying to find good questions. When people comment saying that they want me to upload an uncut version for them to watch I think “why?! it’s so boring!”. I’ve edited it so you get all the exciting parts! But then on the flip side I have to cut some stuff out because I have to cut some stuff out. Alcohol + me + a friend = inappropriate behaviour and personal stories. Usually when we’re filming we’ll start talking about something and get really carried away and then realise there’s a camera rolling and say “well I’m going to have to cut all that out” or someone knows they’re about to say something private and they’ll say “cut this out but…”. I’ve got so much dirt on your favourite YouTubers.

Also I know exactly what I’m doing. I mean this in terms of the edit. Every time we hint at something a bit personal in an episode and then I cut it before it gets to the juicy part, guess what! I did that on purpose. I like messing with you and seeing you all freak out in the comments.

Some more #DrunkAdvice trivia:

  • Most episodes of Drunk Advice end in a sleepover.
  • So far there has not been an episode “in the spirit of drunk”.
  • 11/20 guests so far are LGBT+ (this includes the episode I filmed last night that isn’t on my channel yet).
  • There have been 2 vomits after a filming of Drunk Advice. The first was a guest *cough* Savannah Brown *cough* and the second was yours truly after the episode with Leena.
  • The next Drunk Advice will be with Riyadh K and in case I edit this part out I feel you deserve to know that Riyadh almost got his dick out and he definitely showed me a picture of his penis on his phone.


  • Calum spilt so much liquid on his jeans in his episode that he had to put his jeans in the dryer afterwards because we were going out. I took my jeans off in solidarity and then we started dancing to “What Do You Mean?” on chairs in our underwear.
  • The first Drunk Advice episode with Dodie happened by accident.

So basically, filming an episode of Drunk Advice is a complete mess. You never know what’s going to happen and because I edit the videos weeks after I’ve filmed them I tend to forget what happened until I see the footage and I’m hit in the face by my embarrassing drunk self.

Let me know in the comments what’s been your favourite episode of Drunk Advice so far and who you’d like to see as guests in future episodes!

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  1. Absolutely loved this! It was really interesting to get an insight to your process 😀
    (Also one of my all time favourite episodes was with Hazel Hayes, but there hasn’t been an episode I haven’t enjoyed 😀 )

  2. If you ever need someone “in the spirit of drunk” i’d be happy to join in!!! but yeah i love drunk advice and I think it’s great that you do it and thanks for sharing it!

  3. First and foremost: I told you I would catch up with your blog posts!

    Second, thank you for the insight into your video making process (part of it anyway). Riyadh! Haha cheeky.

    Sorry my comment wasn’t better 🙂

  4. My fave Drunk Advice so far has to be Savannah (feat. Dodie and Lucy), closely followed by Laci – I just love watching some of my fave ladies get increasingly giggly and silly 🙂
    As for future guests, may I request Carrie Hope Fletcher, Chloe Dungate, and Emma Blackery? (And a Dodie Part 2, bc that first ep was cruelly short for such an artistic masterpiece ;P)

  5. drunk advice is 100% one of my fav YouTube series out there!! As for guests I would like to suggest myself because I would like nothing better than to get drunk with you and possibly ending up telling the Internet things I really didn’t want it to know! :’)

  6. To be honest, all of them, because dûh, but the one ft. Ashley & Alayna (& Grace & Akilah) was a beautiful, beautiful mess, definitely my favorite. As in, what the procreating fuck was even going on there. If there’s an example of standards, I guess that would be it. I watched it a few times and everytime I try to discern what advice was exactly given but I Always lose it in the first few minutes and I dunn curr.
    Also, Grace’s peck on Asley’s shoulder melted me.

  7. My favourite episode by far has to be the one with Savannah which is actually what first introduced me to her. Fast forward a few months and I know most of her poems by heart and own a signed copy of her book 😀 Savannah is just a joy to watch whatever she’s doing. Also I think that was your drunkest episode which definitely helps.

    As for future guests I’d like to echo whoever said Emma Blackery, that’d be awesome!

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