What the heck do I do next?

Erm so hi. Long time no see on the old blog here.

Last time we were here I was reflecting on my 2016 resolutions. One of them was to write one blog a week. On reflection:

Whoops. I was so good at this for the first half of the year and then I went travelling loads and then all my writing energy was spent writing my book and I had no writing power left for the blog. Sorry about that. I love writing blogs but I’m not going to give myself a schedule anymore and just post things as and when I feel like it. Casual.

Apparently I need a schedule. Not having a schedule has meant I have posted 0 times in the last 4 months. And I don’t have the excuse of writing a book anymore because I did that. Doing It is done. I wouldn’t call it laziness though. I just hasn’t been a priority for me recently.

What I’ve Been Doing

My whole life for the last year and half has been working on my book Doing It and then going on tour afterwards. It’s been such an EXPERIENCE. I don’t really know how to summarise it. I wrote a book. That book is now published. People have read my book. There are typos in it (as with every book). Thanks to all the people who tweeted me pictures of them! THANKS.

Then I went on tour. And not just book signings in book shops, like an ACTUAL TOUR. Doing It! Live was a proper live show with a stage and tickets. And (hopefully) your money’s worth. My friend, Lucy, joined me and we put on what I can only describe as a sex and relationships themed two woman comedy show.

People often play down their achievements, especially women. But I’m going to practice what I preach and say it. I wrote, directed and performed my own show! I fucking did that! That’s incredible! We performed to hundreds of people over three nights and sold out London and Manchester. WOAH. I’ve always loved performing live, it gives me such a thrill. But I’d forgotten that feeling until tour and it all came flooding back. There is no adrenaline rush quite like it! I don’t want to give too much away of what happened on tour. Just incase the tour and money gods are looking down on me favourably and let me do more. We’ll see.

After tour it was Easter weekend and I took an ACTUAL BREAK from work. FOUR. WHOLE. DAYS. OFF. What a joy! On the Friday me, my boyfriend and a friend did a Lord of the Rings (extended editions) marathon and it was glorious! It was my first time seeing the extended editions and I hadn’t seen the films since me and Ellie did a marathon in our second year of uni. I bloody love LOTR. It was the perfect way to spend an actual day off. Great films, great company, great snacks.

The rest of the weekend was equally wonderful. Proper chilled. No worries.

Then Tuesday happened. Oh boy. Back to work. I had no book to work on. No scripts. No rehearsals. Pause.


What the heck do I do next?

A year and a half of my life has led up to this one thing and now that one thing has happened. Now what? What’s next for me? Of course I’m going to continue making videos but what else? I need a big project to focus on! I need something to look towards. Some kind of 2017 game plan. What’s the bigger picture?

More books? New vlog series? More travelling? Podcasts? Merchandise? Radio? TV?

The possibilities are endless! I’m completely overwhelmed by them and completely clueless. I don’t know what to do with myself or focus myself. I don’t want to force anything. Or do anything half-arsed.

Maybe I just sit in the nothing for a while and the next big thing will make itself known to me. Or maybe I’ll settle into a post-project depression. Hopefully not.

One of the things I do know that I want to do is write another book. Or two or three. All the books! I had such a great experience writing Doing It and I just want to do it (get it?) all over again. I have some ideas for book 2 but nothing concrete yet and no book deal. I’m going to play around with ideas and we’ll see what happens. Until then I want and need to write again. I miss it. Hence why I’m dusting off this blog.

I’m not going to give myself a schedule but I’m definitely going to write more on the blog. I spent my recent flights to and from New York coming up with a whole bunch of ideas and I’m excited to get started! So here’s to future projects in 2017, whatever they may be…

Have you ever felt the same after a huge project is complete? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Oh the post-project let-down is for realz. I just directed and choreographed my own show–a bit smaller audience than yours, but still a lot of work–and now I’m flip-flopping between MUST ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS and i am literally too tired to make lunch.
    I trust we will find new projects and new goals. 😉

  2. Welcome back Hannah, I’m always excited to see what you’re working on whether it being YouTube, Fubar and all of the rest! I admire your work ethic so much, it’s unbelievable. Next time you’re off, it’s gotta be a Harry Potter marathon.

  3. Definitely got to feeling that way during the six months I took off between university and starting my masters degree. So much freedom and no deadlines for the first (extended) time in years. It was disorienting.

  4. Yeah cool, I’m kinda into your writing style now that I’ve been reading your book. So excited for more blog-posts and whatever comes ^ ^

  5. I totally understand what you mean by needed a project! I got married last year which took about a year to plan then we bought a flat which took ages and was stressful and now we’re……… living life?! I’m constantly grabbing at and obsessing over ideas because I need a new project haha At least I’m not the only one who’s wired that way! x

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